Most of us will need long term care

Your first step to prepare for long term care planning

Although we may not admit it, most of us will need long term care at some point in our lives, especially as we get older. But rather than trying to deny it, we want to empower you so you can take charge of your future…starting now!

Learning as much as you can about long term care is the first step in developing an action plan. A plan will help you and your loved ones prepare for long term care and the costs associated with it.

The State of Hawaii’s Executive Office on Aging wants you to be well prepared for the future, whatever comes your way. You’ll find useful information on this website that will help you understand various options available to you. Let’s begin!

Picture the Perfect Family

I’ve always thought I would take care of my parents when they got older. But it was more complicated than I was prepared for, and required professional help. I want my children to be prepared for my senior years, so I’m now exploring my long term care options and planning today.